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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A step to change my life

Lately I'm feeling very sad about my life in all aspect.
My weight is one of the factors.

I'm done with my medical check up recently.
And guess what???
I'm nearly *5 kg babe!!!
I promise you, I'm not in 45kg anymore because that was 7 years ago.
Oh God! As years goes by, my weight is increasing!!!

Now, I realised I have to change my lifestyle.
and lately..I think Allah listened to my words,
He made me met with my former shooting coach.
If I'm not mistaken, that's his
real name.
weird right??
Alamak takde gambar la pulak..takpe2 nnt I upload.
He is so tough eventhough he is almost 65 years old.
He is the best fitness coach I ever met..
Oh God!!!but not crazy as Jillian in The Biggest Loser
(I dream to be a part of the biggest loser Asia one day, If God give me to do so)

He motivate me to do a lot of exercises since I'm doing nothing at home.
Today morning, I went to Tasik Titiwangsa.
Without feeling of shame and afraid to anybody, I went there alone.
(adik aku yg lepas spm tu asyik keje membuta je, org ajak die tak mau teman)

It is a recreation park which is being upgraded with outdoor gymnasium facilities.
I thought for it for so long but never want to try it.
I'm so proud with myself today, I had touched it and use it.
I even went jogging 1 round of that tasik for 25 min and 24 sec.

That was really frustrated.
Because I ever did better than this when I was an shooting athlete under my coach attention.
I ever did it in 15 min.
It is really made me realise that I'm not fit as the past.
I have a lot work to do to get back my stamina.

!!!!So, YAN!!!!

I nak sangat fit mcm Jillian.
nak sangat...!!
She is small build but very fit.