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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 20th birthday!!

Comey elmo nih!!I'm in a group of 20!!!hehe..what a wonderful day.
First of all, thank you so much to my mother, who had a really hard time when delivering me to this world. She is a lovely person. Sayang mak sangat2. Please forgive me for my mistakes, stubbornness and silly actions. I will try to be a better child for you. Please don't cry because of me anymore. Maaaak!!!!I really love you.
Secondly, thank you ayah. I knew. Without you, I cannot be a human. I mean, I really need you to guide me when I face trouble. You're the first person who taught me about cooking. It was fun. And..thank you for your advise. Eventhough, I anggap you 'membebel' selama ni. But, I really took it into my mind.hmm..Sometimes..hehe..Really love you too. I know you are a protective person. But, I'm 20 now ayah. Please let me have a space to hang out with my friends. Please ayah.
Plus, credits to my father's friend, Uncle Khalid!! He such a nice guy. Thank you for treated me and family a dinner. The food was very delicious!
Unforgettable!!my friends.Thank you so much to you guys who wish me via phone, sms and post it on my wall in facebook. I lovin' it!!
Especially to Nor Atiqah, Noraisyah, Siti Nur Liyana and a new friend called wanie!! I got a new friend on my birthday!!they just called me from Australia!! It was very memorable for me. Maybe it was written by Allah that I can't continue my study with them. Even if I take IELTS exam for 20 times, if He said I can't go there, I take it. It's fine. I knew Your give to me doesn't stop here.
Fighting Yan!!!If I can't make it to the Australia, I wish to learn Korean language for my third language. Who have noticed any fun learning blogs or websites about that, please inform me!!hehe.
Hmm..die pown ade wish aku gak.tapi, aku takde la kesah sangat. die dah ade hidup baru kan. kalau aku takde pown takde makna bagi die. Pape pown, tq jer.
Let end here. Thank You sangat2 for wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Suke99...

P/s: IELTS result is coming soon! Hope for the best. Pray for me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Is it enough??

I'm still hoping with whatever i'm done before, i'm doing right now and will do in the future. Is it enough??Anyone??Please help me...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hanya Allah Yang Tahu

Aku tau aku tak patut mempersoalkan segala ketentuan Allah dah tetapkan bagi aku..tapi..Kenapa payah sangat perjalanan yang aku tempuh ini dijalan-Mu, Ya Allah..?
Kau permudahkanlah urusan rakan-rakan ku yang lain..
Terima Kasih Allah..