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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Heartbeat 2

After 2 weeks..
He txt me..
My rate of heartbeat increase rapidly..
He ask me to go somewhere to meet each other..
Just tell him where I wanna go and when..
I always replied that I could't make it..
I'm not ready + something that I'm not sure bout him..
And it is very unpleasant if only both of us hang out together..

Everytime he txt me..
I remembered what I did to him and what he did to me in 4 years ago..
Yes..I really meant what I did that time..
I just wanna pay back the tears he gave me..
I'm sorry for that..

Now,he really hope to see me before I start my new life in MICET..
Actually I do..
I do wanna meet him..
Hang out together with others...
But when I see him..
I'll keep my mouth shut...
It happened to me during our first skpd reunion..
I'm to nervous..(nak jumpe dengan orang yang aku pernah buat salah dekat dia mesti la aku nervous + takut)

I hope one day the God will give us a space to meet each other..

-yan punye-