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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My heartbeat 1

Yesterday,at noon..
My heartbeat was beating rapidly..
I got a message and missed call from an unknown person..
The number seems unfamiliar to me..
I'm trying so hard to recall the number but I can't..
so,I asked "who is this?"
For a few unnecessary conversation..
He txt me his nme...
I'm speechless+flabbergasted then smile n laughing (my heartbeat bcme faster and faster,my cheek turned red)..fuh!!!
I'm really happy..

OMG!!!!I can't believe this..
I waited for him for so long..
I even didn't know weather he still alive or not..
Because he just like avoided himself from us (me and my friends)..
Maybe it was because of me..
*I'm really sorry friends*..
I let him go for certain reasons..
And I knew he can't forgive me..

But today..thnx to Allah..
HE gave us another chance to txt each other like before..

I know it is really hard for us to be happy together like before..
But I hope we will become friend again..
Just friend..^_^

-yan punyer-